Across this Sea


1 Across this Sea
2 Home to You
3 I don’t know where to fly
4 Like a Tumbleweed
5 No more Gold
6 Generation X and Babyboomer
7 Cradle Me
8 Drop my Case


It is an honor to present this eighth solo album to you, after forty years of writing songs and performing. Making music for so long has brought me to many beautiful places and fabulous people, many of whom I’ve come to call my dearest friends. On my earlier albums, some of these friends contributed with their amazing musical skills. For this album I decided to play all the parts myself, except for the drums. I pulled drum tracks from other musical projects I have recorded at my Ragged Mountain Studio, and mixed them into these new songs. I hope you will enjoy this album as much as I did making it!

All songs written, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by Martin van de Vrugt. © 2013 – 2019