September 2017

Summer is over (in case you didn’t notice…). I have been working my ass off for at least three weeks on mixing and mastering Enrico’s album and guess what? It’s ready! And my oh my, it’s beautiful! The title will be “Nowhere Homeland” and it will be released in the fall of 2017. Enrico is working on the post production and I will jump in where needed. Now that my work on this album is mainly done, I even found the time and inspiration for wrapping up the ZIM album. Seven, seven minute soundscapes recorded with real instruments and voices at ZiniZ Deventer. Done… After this, early winter I guess, I’ll start the final touches, mixdown and mastering of the album I’ve made with Orit. And ofcourse you will be able to see me play live every here and there… Check my agenda on my homepage!