November 2015

The idea came out of the blue a couple of weeks ago while doing some shows with the highly
talented Canadian Singerella Orit Shimoni. Lets take a week or so to record a couple of songs together in my studio. 

Quess what? We did! And not just some random songs but an entire album full of very heartfelt new songs. Some of them even written and arranged on the spot that very same week. 
We are both a bit numbed now, trying to let it all sink in. WTF happened here?!? 

The coming time I will go thru all of the songs and see where and how I will pour my “VandeVrugt flavour” over it. It will be a “Ragged Mountain production” of the very best kind I’ve ever produced. I promise!

When it will be released is entirely up to Orit. She will find her pace in this and I will keep you posted…

Here sits a very content and happy Martin van de Vrugt.